AMEDIACIR.CLIP: "Hey Nielsen, Measure Our Voices"

Entertainment Marketers have heard the cry of the consumer yearning to be heard and have realized the potential of such a consumer. Nielsen has heard the cry from these marketers who wish to capture the voices of outspoken consumers and leverage consumer input for marketing initiatives.

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"Hey! Nielsen gives lovers of pop culture an opportunity to sound off
online and to make their voices heard by decision-makers," said Karen
Watson, Senior Vice President of Communications at The Nielsen Company, and
Executive Sponsor of Hey! Nielsen. "If you're passionate about any aspect
of the entertainment world, you will find like-minded consumers on Hey!
Nielsen. We hope this will be a fun place to share opinions and discuss
your favorite shows, movies and music. And because we will be providing our
clients with insights from Hey! Nielsen members, joining the network is a
way to let the entertainment industry know what you think."

The information collected on Hey! Nielsen could be important step
toward metering and understanding user engagement around entertainment.

Hey! Nielsen will be able to provide demographic information,
comments, and scores of each user that engages on a specific entertainment

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