AMEDIACIR.CLIP: Kaneva Launches Dance Party 3D

Not much noise from 3D virtual world Kaneva lately and all of a sudden, some greatness. I have to admit, it is early and I have not done a deep dive into Dance Party 3D, but from the looks of it, Kaneva is really starting to understand the potential of collaboration and co-creation with it's users. I really like the sounds of this and will take some time later in the day to explore this further.

If you have any feedback of more information for me, please, JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

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Dance Party 3D Rocks Your World: Kaneva Launches Worlds

Largest Dance Game and Collector Game Cards, First Dance Game Inside a

Virtual World

Today's launch of Dance Party 3D is an expansion of our community's love to connect, dance, compete, share music and build cool clubs.

Kanevas Dance Party 3D is free to join and

play. Its the first game to support an

unlimited number of players for game play and socializing, along with

the added ability to explore a growing 3D world with thousands of

virtual homes and hangouts.

Calling all DJs: Become a Virtual Mix


Dance Party 3D also lets players bring their music passion to the

turntable and become a DJ. Diverse genres

hip hop, rock, techno, salsa and country

let DJs create personal music mixes. If players submit their music mix

and it gets enough raves, theyll see their

selections jump to the top of the playlist!

For more information and to join the party, visit

Create Your Own Dance Club

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