Trends And Truisms Day Nine: The Importance Of Being Open

(image compliments of Schweers' 3rd Grade Class Blog. I wish we had blog's when I was in third grade. Anyhow, to Mr./ Mrs. Shweers and class, keep up the good work!)

A couple of weeks ago I gave the openness award to Google. I did not do so because I felt that Google necessarily embodies the essence of open source and transparency more than any other group, I did so because I feel that Google has pushed the boundaries for large walled garden companies to adopt a more open mindset.

Google’s introduction of Android changed the future of the Mobile industry nearly overnight. After making this announcement, the walled gardens of Verizon and AT&T came crumbling down (or so they would like us to believe). Google also had a major impact on the future of the mobile industry (and the communications industry at large) when its lobbyists fought and won their goal of keeping the 700 MHz spectrum open to everyone.

We witnessed the same type of mass openness when Google announced Open Social. Suddenly, private social networks were adopting open API’s and standards conducive to interoperability in order for social network users to create one identity across many platforms.

Google’s actions were certainly not the only signs that openness would become an important factor in interactive media marketing. Here are a few more:

More recently, we have been hearing speculation that the most walled industry of all is making moves towards openness; the cable industry.

Is the future really open, are we already there or is this all just a farce?

There are certainly many more examples of openness. I would love to hear more examples for you!

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