10 Emerging Media/Marketing Trends and Truisms Of 2007 That Will Be Crucial In 2008

Each year great minds put together both trends of the year past, and predictions for the year to come. After completing my own personal list, I searched around to see how I compared to others. Here are some of the lists I found;

10 Emergent Media/Marketing Trends and Truisms Of 2007 That Will Be Crucial In 2008

  1. The Big Idea Can Be a Sum of Small Idea’s

  2. The Importance of Being Universal

  3. The Power Of Cross Media Story Telling

  4. All Media Is Social

  5. We Have Been Living In Virtual Worlds Since The Invention Of The Telephone.

  6. Mobile Is Merely Another Access Point/Widgets are Nothing More Than Content Syndication Modules

  7. Search Is An Emerging Technology

  8. Content is Still King But Syndication is The Kingdom (special thanks to Morpheus Media’s Emily Las for helping out with this concept)

  9. The Importance Of Being Open

  10. The Consumer Is Not King. Co-Creation and Collaboration Makes Us All Kings

I will be unveiling detailed posts for each trend over the next ten days. I invite you all to share in this process, as it will only be great with all of your help.

Hopefully there will be some good commentary. My goal with this experiment in social media is to start a conversation and ultimately form a work group for the next two weeks. I would like for this to be a living document that all can partake in via comments, so please, GET INVOLVED!

At then end of the ten days I will create a PDF that you can download and put under your pillow :) The PDF will include your comments and will, in part, be shaped by you. The document will be governed under the Creative Commons licence and will be available for use in your personal ventures. I will also try to include posts that are cited (via hyperlinks etc.) where possible to make this document as complete as possible.

Other than that, there are no hard and fast rules. If you have an idea to make this document better, please speak up!

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