The Advertising Club Meetup January 28th 2008 at Google

Tonight, Google has opened their doors to the public in what feels like a surreal almost wonka-like experience. Sure I have been here many times, but tonight, amidst an industry riddled with speculation about what Google is up to, the office looks different.

Here is the description and speakers for tonight’s event:

Google is leading an integrated marketing revolution with search, mobile, radio, video, television, maps, email, social networks and more. Six Google Execs will lead a discussion on the latest from Google in advertising and integrated marketing.

Our format will be a panel discussion followed by Q&A. Panelists include:

  1. Tim Castelli, New York Sales Director

  2. Derek Kuhl- Agency Relations

  3. Long Ellis, Head of Sales, Television

  4. Joe Anastasi, Team Manager - Audio East

  5. Tiffany Shen Miller: Account Executive - Print Ads

  6. Sarah Carberry: Team Manager: Consumer Packaged Goods


  • It has become clear that Google has become a major player in integrated communications. With tools such as analytics and AdWords, Google provides a full service marketing dashboard.

  • “Google is really in the connection business” Castelli

    • In the ad business, it is about connecting consumers and marketers

    • Buying across platforms

  • Predictive analytics for ROI on TV?

    • Correlation between web traffic and TV

  • “When Google announced this platform (television) it sent shivers down my spine”—Long Ellis—Google TV

    • Google has a certain % of Echo Star local avails

      • About 200 advertisers on the platform

    • Take the benefits of online and move them to the TV (analytics, optimization etc.)

      • Second by Second Metrics

      • Engagement metrics

    • “We do not package our dayparts”—Ellis

    • Optimization—Reacting to the marketplace on a day to day basis

    • You only pay for impressions delivered

    • Reach and frequency coming to the platform

    • No winner’s remorse. Same style bid as AdWords

  • Google Audio—Joe Anastasi

    • 1600 terrestrial stations

    • A digital connection has been made to these stations

    • 100% US coverage

    • Ad serving engine

    • By the end of this quarter we will have the functionality to correlate radio and web metrics

    • By the end of this quarter we will have the functionality to correlate radio and web metrics

    • “Google will bring radio back in a big way”

  • Consumer Package Goods-- Sarah Carberry\

    • The power that YouTube has brought to the consumer

    • Meritocracy of ideas

    • 6th largest destination on the web

    • Storytelling for the world

    • 57 MM uniques on YouTube

    • “You Choose 2008”

      • eMarketer says this will decide the election this year

    • How do we connect Youtube with offline media

    • Heinz Case Study

      • Google and YouTube drove sales through create your own commercial

  • Agency Relations- Derek Kuhl

    • There is a lot of fear and trepidation in the industry world

    • Four key themes

      • Online is an unbelievable creative palette

      • Analytics not being relegated to web analytics

        • Media planners looking at web metrics, not just webmasters

      • Finding common currency across media channels

        • How do you evaluate CPC versus CPM etc.

      • Agencies Rethinking Structure

        • Clients are demanding something different

  • Print Ads—Tiffany Shen Miller

    • “We are going to make newspapers sexier”

    • Efficiency and Scale

    • Single web interface to research across multiple papers etc.

    • Not an auction. Bid to publisher directly through the tool

    • This year the goal is to incorporate Google Analytics

      • 2D Bar Code—QR Codes

    • Marrying print and mobile

      • This is making offline trackable

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