Kevin Riley: From Delivering Manure To Delivering Site Traffic

Do you know who Kevin Riley is?

I did not know who he was until today (I wonder if he is someone I should have known and missed...) when I saw a press release entitled:

Video Search Marketing Comes Of Age As YouTube Crowned World's Second Most Popular Website

Being the self respecting, future minded search marketer that I am, I had to check this out.

 Did I miss something here?

Was this a recent movement in the industry that I had failed to notice (and didn't video search marketing come of age a while ago?)

Lo and behold, this was no official statement by YouTube or Google (or any other measurement body that I had ever heard of). In fact, this was, for all intents and purposes, and advertisement for a web marketer based on simple Alexa numbers, brilliant :) !

This was not a press release about web traffic at all. This was an opportunistic marketer using web statistics for his own purposes, and quite frankly, I think it is very smart.

Head over to Kevin's blog and see what the results of his efforts were, quite staggering.

I always tell clients, "put out press release's and put them out often. There is someone out there who cares, you may as well feed them the content they want"

...and never forget Riley's pearl of wisdom :) Video Search Marketing is here to stay :) :)

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