The Mobility Is The Message (Part Two- The Whites)

Okay, so my reference to "the whites" in the title was simply a way to indulge my Lebowski fetish (if you don't get the joke, I recommend going out and renting The Big Lebowksi, today). I am sorry to say that this post will contain no information about The Dude, Walter or Donnie. No, we have more important things to talk about- namely mobility!

In yesterday's post I presented a product that Google is working on that furthers their foray into the wild world of mobile computing. If all goes well Google will be one of the major catalysts behind another giant stride in the mobile world.

According to Google (reported by CNET), if all goes well we will have an extra special holiday season in the year two thousand and nine. It will not be stocking stuffers or Hanukah gelt that will make us cheer. What we will have to be thankful for will be quite different than the usual holiday charms. In 2009 we will have what Google is referring to as Wi-Fi 2.0, or super fast bandwidth for our handheld devices.

Google is currently outlining a plan that will have consumers surfing the web from their palmtops at gigabits per second. This plan takes advantage of unused TV broadcast channels commonly known as "white spaces" (now you see where Lebowski reference comes in).

Google is looking for a "unique opportunity to provide ubiquitous wireless access for all Americans"- Richard Whitt, Google's telecommunications counsel.

One of the ramifications in a world of ubiquitous computing is ubiquitous marketing. Are we ready for that?

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