Passive Collection Of Presence And Activity

By now, many marketers (and some consumers) are beginning to recognize the power of the social graph in regards to spreading word of mouth messaging. I get the sense that many equate the notion of the social graph solely with Facebook and other online social networks.

What if I were you tell you that the social graph begins online for most people, but the true power takes place in the real world?

What if I were to tell you that as you sip your coffee at the local coffee house, your social data from online networks is playing a role in how you can be addressed by others around you, and even targeted by advertisers?

While this is not widespread reality today, it will not be long before this becomes a widespread reality.

related note: Think for a moment about Neal Stephenson's vision of the metaverse.  In Stephenson's metaverse, one must enter by using a visual altering hardware device (in his case goggles). Now think about the questions I posed above. What if we did not need to enter the metaverse, what if the metaverse was slowly brought to us and we were already in it (willingly or not)?

Back To Current Reality For A Moment

I just got done reading a post on Read/Write Web entitled, "Yahoo Experiements In Reality Mining With Bluetooth My BlogLog"

According to MyBlogLog, their new mobile tool, will do the following;

"Bind your Bluetooth address to your MyBlogLog account and discover others nearby and [sic] find out if you have any shared interests. Meetspace keeps track of time spent with others so you have a running log of people to meet and things to talk about."

Google's Dodgeball service has provided similar service for quite a while, but my sense is that what Yahoo is trying to do is garner user data for the marketing purposes.

It will be very interesting to see if this service is adopted by bloggers who use MyBlogLog however, my feeling is that they will run for the hills

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