Kickstarter, Meet The Kissing Sisters

Have you ever had a dream?

No, not one of those dreams.

Have you ever wanted to do something out of the ordinary? Maybe you wanted to be a rock star or an actor. Once upon a time, achieving your dream was subject to the will of the few--the ones behind desks with dollar tainted vision. At one time, those people may have kept you from your dream, but every great construct (governments, schools of thought, corporations) reaches an inflection point--at point at which the ones being served fail to feel the value from the ones that serve them, and the ones in charge, so drunk on their own success, forget that we all have to answer to someone. 

Today, in our socially transparent world, where businesses report directly to their customers, people are more capable of achieving their dreams. in the attempt to achieve one's dream, the modern world has afforded us the freedom to only answer to two parties; our direct customers and ourselves. Kickstarter has helped empower that dream. If you have a product that people want and are brave enough to go get it, you excuses. 

Now on to my point:

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Dan Fodera and his crew (which includes his 2 brothers and 2 other hilarious dudes) are looking to take their dream. I did not say they are hoping to achieve it, as that would be a misnomer. They have, by all means available to them, taken their dream by the balls (sorry for the language and disturbing metaphor). They are looking to raise 6 grand to make the second episode of Kissing Sisters, their amazing comedy troupe. 

The Sisters boot strapped episode one and it was amazing, now they are looking to Kickstart number two. I was both proud as a friend and impressed as a fan of comedy when I saw the first episode at Tribeca Cinemas (plus, I almost peed my pants). The Sisters are clever, fun, inventive, crass, edgy and everything else you want from a great sketch comedy outfit.

Take a look at the clip below. If you laugh, please give money.

If you are offended, please give money and write them a note telling them they should be more respectful of the Jewish faith (even though I have never been more proud to be Jewish than when I first saw this). 

If for some reason you don't laugh, give money and ask them to help you with your sense of humor, you need it! If you give enough money, I am sure they will help you out. 

What are you waiting for!!???