Tyler DeAngelo Is Friggin Awesome!

There is so much creativity in the world. So many creative agencies and creative work, but there are still very few creative people that have a gift for knitting technology into their ideas in a way that positions the technology second to the idea itself. Often times, tech creative is just that; a creative use of technology that puts the technology front and center. 

Tyler DeAngelo breaks the mold.

I have had the fortune of becoming friends with Tyler and have had conversations with him about his creative process. Tyler certainly shares my love of technology obscurity in service of advanced, ground breaking ideas.

His latest Opus is very simple. VERY simple. But it is just so clever. Do I love it as much as say, "5th Avenue Frogger"? Maybe not. But I still had to write this post because the simplicity of the idea and the fact that the technology is of little importance to the lay user is so impressive.

In addition, Tyler is a "maker". While many of us sit around and say "you know what would be cool" Tyler is out making cool...all the time. In the last few years I have grown to have very little respect for ideas. In fact, I only care about creative ideas if they are presented to me in an executable fashion (if not an already executed prototype).

We are all creatives. Those of us that can translate dreams into a tangible format are geniuses.

If you consider yourself a digital creative director and want to simply become a creative director, study Tyler DeAngelo. He breaks the mold of digital creative director and just is, creative. One might even say he is a master "internet of things" creative director, but that would undermine his organic talents.  

Tyler, you are the man!