Dragon Bits (ten minutes of unedited brain dump)

Slay the dragon—oh, wretched dragon!

Who consistently uploads diseased memory of a time when things were pure. 

Untainted. Without “technology”, the familial dragon recalls a time when humans acted in accordance with nature,  

and murder was carried out with honor, 

and the strong breathed fire. 


The motley journalists drank cups of similitude 

While those who did not…no, could not know, licked pudding from fingertips. 


Tools of the trade: 

A pen and a piece of opinion. 

Just enough nothing, so nothing could be dishonest. 


“The heart of your work will be lost in a hard drive crash,” said the three-piece suite to the pale-faced freak. 

Then a dark night shone. 

Then silence. 

Boot up. 


Blog and be blogged. 

Stick a twitter up your ass. 


Freedom is another word for too much information. 

Put that in your hashtag and smoke it.