Time on the L Train

In the context of all time

Today, time moves slower.


One. Two..a train in time-

To what, without a piece of time.


In the context of my hands, time.

Intake time like confetti of the mind.

Showers out like tears, time.


Is this thing on. One. One, two.

Test. Test the train of time.

Ride it and slide like sweat dripping off a daisy.

You have time.

You have it, had it, will have it again.


You wait for time; pray to its circular representative on earth.

You swear by it.

Snort and shoot at time.


Take a minute and weave time's hammock.

Take a nap, slap time in the fate.


Taste it.

Lip smack.


The 15 letters that came before this =equal desire.

Desire and destination--

You rock the nation, wrapped in foil.

Steel slit in time.

Unwrap the foil and clench your freedom.

Toss it, score.

A point in time.

Take mine.

Mind your own--in a zone;

A prairie on the hill-

A bucket of ice cream.


Scream at time and lose.

Every time...lose.