I am not a traditionally religious man. I believe in the root of the term however. Practice what you believe, every day. Of Jewish decent, from the lands Poland, Germany, Russia and now the United States.

My minds gets mired in science largely technology and new forms of interaction) and existence over essence, but culturally I am descendant from those who lived through camps and genocide--so I always remain respectful and loving--the family that survived the torment blossomed, ensuring my birth. Ensured it would be unlike the two generations prior--and even better than the prior generation (in terms of opportunity).  It was happy. I was born into comfort. And so I sing. My bards may not be prophets known as such, but they sing the songs of my religious life.

What is your religious anthem? Can it be found in a temple, church, mosque or, Youtube. 

This scratches a surface for me.