That's iPod, Not MyPod

Let me start by saying that I am an a long time Apple user. I always have at least one apple computer around for when creative side needs air. Over the years, I have noticed the increasing arrogance of the Apple user and, I have to admit at times I exhibited similar arrogance. After all, Macs are so fun, easy to use and cool looking!

The times they are a changing. The arrogance the once emanated from Mac users is now a foul stench coming from corporate! I kind of like some of the arrogance from the users (or at least the pride of the uses) but, corporate arrogance is never a pretty thing.

Anyone who has been following the media news (or anyone in the blogosphere) has probably heard about the latest and greatest displays of arrogance from Apple about their iPod.

Apple apparently feels they own the term pod and the blogger's are restless. Here is my tribute to the BACA movement (Bloggers Against Corporate arrogance).



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The Librarians are in the house

Is this anti-democratic?   and the science folk

Shell and Neville asked if Apple was going to stake claim on the term tunes :)


Steve, I love ya, can't we work this out?

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