The Lincoln Group

I am sure a lot of you heard about the Lincoln Group/Iraq war PR issue. I heard about it today on For Immediate Release (yes, I know I should be more socially conscious and should have known about this already) and I am going to reserve judgment. I would love some comments that can get the debate started. Here are a few links to get you going;


The Washington Post



I am really looking for the other side of the story but, I have to get to work. Please send me the other side and I will post it. I know that my opinion is inevitably shining through but, I really do not want to seem as if I am pushing an agenda. This is not a political blog, it is a media blog and I would like to open a forum where both sides could be heard!

(slant...sorry, this goes against my last statement but, this picture is interesting. I don't side with the opinion of this picture per se, I am just trying to evoke  debate)

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