Your Brand Is A Monolithic Turd/The Big Idea

I hope that the title got your attention because I am vexed!

I am not angry at anything or anyone in particular, I am just frustrated (oh no, don’t be worried, I will be fine :) )

I have been hearing a lot of talk about the big idea (and people wanting one…).

I think that we all want to be known as the person who thought of “the big idea” and I think this is part of a fundamental issue in modern marketing (anyone who knows me knows that, I too fall into this odious pool of self gratification at times).

Sometimes we lose site of what Ayn Rand referred to as objectivism. I am no expert on objectivism (I am not even a big fan, speak to my good friends Joe Szala, Shane Kalman or my father, and they will probably be able to fill you in more about Ayn Rand).

One thing that I do know about the tenets of Rand’s ideas is the following formula


(Joe S., you must be having a field day that I wrote that)

Function above form/The form is defined by the function

I do not think this concept should be stuck to in all life’s endeavors. In fact, fine art has taught us that formalism (the reverse equations where, there form IS the function) can be very powerful but, MARKETING IS NOT FINE ART %*$(*)($*)$)(*$)(*$!!!!!!!

Yes, marketing can be very creative but, if and only if (did I just use a syllogism?) it serves its function.

Back to the big idea. Who is it serving, you or your consumers?

-A big idea is one that listens to consumers’ wants and delivers them wrapped in delight.

-A big idea is one adds value to your brand.

-A big idea engages consumers in a meaningful way.

-A big idea feeds your bottom line (whilst doing the aforementioned items)

-A big idea does not need an award to qualify it as a big idea~!


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