Ad Tech The Move to Auction-Based Media and the Demise of the Upfront

Google’s foray into non-search media, especially print and radio, has turned the entire ad industry on its’ head, as auction-based media starts to take over the “old school” of volume discounts for heavy-duty media buying. The media community’s call for an Upfront auction that includes traditional and new media has set tongues wagging.
Media selling and buying processes are very outdated and the auction format is the more efficient and profitable model for these media companies and their customers. Knowing HOW to operate in an auction-based environment will become a key differentiator for agencies and marketers as this model gains ground. Join this panel of auction and media experts to learn the inside intricacies of managing auction-based media buying and whether it can work for broadcast as well as it works for online.

Brad Berens, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief and Chief Content Officer, iMedia Communications, Inc.
Howard Rosenberg, Director, Private Marketplaces, eBay Inc.
Iggy Fanlo, CEO, AdBrite
Keith McAllister, CEO, Mochila
William Urschel, Founder and CEO, AdECN

  • Julie Roehm Spoke about auction based ad model in 2005

  • Berens- "So What The Problem?"

    • ad spending on broadcast is increasing is but viewership is dropping

  • "In the Time I have been speaking this morning five ad networks have been born" Berens

  • Can exchanges help solve these problems

This model seems to be increasingly pervasive. I for one am going to spend more time testing!

  • How best to match buyers with specific pieces of content

  • Yahoo is now running through the right media platform (they recently purchased 20% of Right Media)

  • Driven by what people are doing with the platforms

  • In the case of eBay Marketplace, it will be about how people use the platform

  • The key will be how behavioral and auction based models will mesh

    • bidding based on worth at a very granular level

  • Content A la Carte, On Demand

  • What is the right metaphor for this model?

    • Forward Auction- eBay Model

    • Reverse Auction- One Buyer, Many Sellers

    • Mochilla is a closed auction- creates value through know audience

    • Links advertisers to publishers in a very transparent manner

    • Another questions is how are you bidding, CPA, CPM, CPC

    • Single Pass Model- Ad ECN

    • Right Media- Effective CPM

Generally speaking, this is a sales pitch for the companies on the panel. Brad Berens has really been the only one to add intellectual value.

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