Ad Tech The Online Video Revolution: A Marketer’s Dream or a Consumer-Generated Mess?

In the short span of the past 2 years, two leading social media and consumer-generated sites were launched, reached critical mass, and sold to larger strategic partners. In the blink of an eye, an entire new segment of digital marketing, featuring online video and consumer-generated content, has taken center stage. The impact of these sudden changes on the media and advertising landscape are potentially massive, but where are the land mines and risks, and what impact will this full-fledged revolution continue to have on overall consumer behavior - and future ad spending?

Drew Ianni, Chairman, Programming, ad:tech expositions

Sarah Fay, President, Isobar Communications
Suzie Reider, CMO,
Paul Sagan, President and CEO, Akamai Technologies, Inc.
Jonathan Klein, President, CNN/U.S.


Paul Sagan

  • Increase the performance of web based content and ads

  • Performance really matters, the user expects a TV like experience

  • What level of quality do you have to have to keep the audience online

  • People have less and less patience for things like page loads etc

  • People expect higher and higher performance

  • One of the challenges depends on time of day, you pay incrementally, one too many viewers can slow or shut you down

  • If you content is popular at a certain time, it may degrade at that time

  • The State of the art is still very unsure

  • Shared Distributed Infrastructure at Akamai

  • UGC has created a new set of technological demand

  • Architecture of CMS are changing

Sara Fay

  • Isobar Network

  • We are really focused in consumer behavior and major shifts

    • Social Networking- " We have something that appeals to human is a new game and we are trying to figure out the rules"

  • The brands that win will be the brand that has consumers telling the best stories

  • We pay a lot of attention to time spent

  • Right now we are not experiencing a lot of shortage of inventory to buy although we have to buy from a lot of sites in order to fill all of our budgets

  • The advantage of "in banner" is consumer choice

  • Convergence on the buying side

  • Largest audiences online of now six figures at a time, not yet at broadcast size

  • Nichifiying of interests

  • Tuning out of ad messages

  • Handing over control is a tactic for engagement

Jon Klein

  • President of CNN

  • There is a new tool/threat/challenge created by YouTube/ UGC

  • CNN also has a UGC tool that he feels compliments the You Tubes of the world

  • All of our broadband video is sold out through the fourth quarter

  • People tend to watch entire clips and many times more than one

  • We are not serving enough video

  • Collaboration between online and offline sales- integrated sales is a fundamental principal

  • Buyers will always looked to associate themselves with the most trusted names in news ( :) )

  • Transparency is key

Suzie Reider

  • CMO of YouTube (what must that be like at this time!)

  • The Vision- "The greatest entertainment media destination in the world" (um)

  • How do we take this you tube and capture all the things that are going on in the community and have marketers leverage it and not mess it up

  • What does broadband/public wi fi mean for the world of media

  • What is going to happen when the flood of video inventory comes online

  • Dropping CPM's (that does not sound bad to me)

  • 100 MM videos watched a day

  • 65k video's uploaded per day

  • "Clip Culture" - Little Snippets of entertainment

  • Convergence is new, there was a disconnect in selling just a year ago

  • PVA- Participatory Video ad

  • The Community is in control

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