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Creative: It Ain't What it Used to Be
Chuck Porter
Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Geoff Ramsey

WOM is where it is at!

The Secret to Viral- It has to be good (ummm)

Chuck Porter

  • "It is not a whole new ball hasn't changed much"

  • There is not learning without emotion- Plato

  • Creative Persuasion

  • Popular Culture wants to change, part of our job is to manipulate it

  • "We don't pay a lot of attention to big trends"

  • "We pay a lot of attention to instinct"

  • Modern  media confusion is centered around fragmentation

  • Life Changing Media Events- 1. Growth of Broadband

  • Are these things changing the way we should approach how we convince people to do things

  • Viral- You have to give the people things they want to show their friends. It is a statement for that person "I know what is good"

  • "You can't hide online"

  • Stay Loose and Back Winners

  • Throw Stuff up and see what sticks

These guys undermine my add value as, some of their adds are merely entertaining but, they are so damn entertaining I do not know what to say

Your Jetta Meets Tree

Your Jetta Meets Rhino

These ARE selling cars but, there is more to it. There is a cross media attack that is absolutely genius. They capitalize on consumer feedback and create ads based on it.

He showed the Rabbit commercial and after all of the cuteness, there is a price tag, BRILLIANT!

Then you can go online and mate rabbits and get a family tree.

Sith Sense Campaign Commercial and Online game

  • One Voice

  • Synergy of Voice

  • Coke Zero Lawyer Commercial (funniest things ever)

  • Go Overboard! (YESSSSSSSSS)

As everyone knows, these guys rock but, this just sealed it for me! This was a mind changing presentation and I am going to look at TV spots in a different way. Not 30 second spots but, TV spots in general.

RESOLVED: Campaigns that Seek Out Consumers will Fail. Campaigns that Consumers Seek Out Will Succeed.
The model of lining a customer up in your sights and launching the perfect campaign at her is dead. Why? Because the internet has allowed consumers to evolve from passive to active customers, pulling in to them all the content and product research and even individualized tastes they desire. Ads once lauded for their ability to interrupt and arrest consumers are now panned as intrusive, rude, even unacceptable. How then can advertisers hope to engage consumers who can sniff out marketing in authenticity in a single whiff? Is there a future for interruptive campaigns, or even standalone ads? Is 'viral' a passing buzzword, or another way of saying 'new media'?

Chuck Porter, Chairman, Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Ty Montague, Chief Creative Officer and Co-President, JWT New York
Simon Needham, Co-Founder and Group Creative Director, Attik
Tony Granger, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi
Moderator: Gregory Wilson, CEO, Red Ball Tiger

Ty was in a great article and on the cover of Fast Company, I recommend it!

  • Can we still target the consumer in quantities and make it justifiable

  • If you put something on TV People want to watch, they will watch it

  • Porter- "The Media Ought To Come Out of The Idea"

  • We are trying to avoid irrelevance

  • The universe is not made of atoms, it is made of stories, it is how we make sense of our lives and find out who we are, the way we learn

  • The reason there is not more great work is because it is very hard to do- Porter

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