Mobile Statistics At A Glance

It is all about mobile these days (well...the buzz is all about mobile anyhow, and I certainly am very interested in mobile).

Admob has been nice enough to produce some metrics and share them with us free of charge (thanks guys). Although you must refer to the limitations* of these stats on the first slide, they seem to be directionally useful. Here are some highlights that felt stood out:

  • Worldwide Handset Mobile Ad Impressions Served- Nokia was number one with 30.4%

    •  Within the 30.4% there are 3 Nokia models, while the Motorola Razr V3 holds the greatest share of impressions at 4%

  • 35.6% of handsets support streaming video (worldwide) while only 15.8% of handsets support streaming video in the US

  • 81% support WAP Push (worldwide)

  • 18.7% of impressions served within the US were on Motorola phones

*Representativeness - AdMob does not claim that this traffic information will be necessarily representative of the mobile internet as a whole or of any particular country-market. AdMob’s traffic is driven by publisher relationships and may skew accordingly. Because the data is pulled across ads served on more than 2000 sites, we feel the data will be useful and may help inform your business decision making.

Make sure to go take a look at the rest of the stats!

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