Entrepreneur.com Does The Mahalo Thing...Sort Of.

Vertical Search, Local Search, Assisted Search, Personal Search. Finding the information you want, when you want it is at the core of the current online space, and it is not only start ups that understand this.

Entrepreneur (the word I hate spelling more than any other in the English language) has launched a service not wholly unlike Calacanis's Mahalo.

Ask Entrepreneur is, in essence a business search engine, however it is not an algorithmic search. It is an expert assisted search where people can ask questions such as, "Should we invest in a company right before retirement?"

As you can see, the way that this product is positioned is not to seek hard facts, rather it is positioned to get insight. Still, I consider this produc in the category, search. The ad model that can be applied to this can be just as targeted as Google Adwords (potentially even more so, as some queries will signify very definite intent).

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