Using Facebook To Promote Your Dot Com

Since the opening of the Facebook API, there has been a frenzy of new applications added to the Facebook platform, but how successful are these apps, and what is the future as bright as everyone thinks it will be?

From where I stand right now, I would say yes!

There have been several success stories about Facebook apps including one that was announced via PRWeb this morning.

eTwine has shown us that you can not only make your Facebook app a success within the ecosystem of Facebook, you can use this success to drive the success of your business.

The popularity of the Facebook application, I Am Free Tonight has garnered over 2 million users according to PR Web.  A great deal of this traffic is ultimately lead back to the site itself. This success not only proves that a Facebook app can help build your business, it further justifies the current trend in the interactive space of open platforms (in which Facebook has taken the lead).

If you love someone, let them free!

Perhaps more marketers should listen to the wise words of Sting. If you know you have a good product don't be afraid to share it. Walled Gardens have already been proven ineffective. If you love your work, give some of it away in the name of getting the word out. Modern marketing is about collaboration and co-creation, don't be afraid to explore these areas.

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