Podcamp Boston 2.0: Let The Games Begin

Christopher S. Penn

In his usual eloquent manner, Mr. Penn lays down the laid down the law for the eager podcampers.

"Every experience contains the enlightenment for which we seek"-- doubly true at podcamp

Chris Brogan

VON is Free!

John Havens

The Transparency Manifesto

  • Who are you online?

  • The nature of community

  • Words need to be followed by actions

  • References the Scoble Debacle

    • no control PR

  • The balance between transparency and full disclosure

  • Snarkicons ;)

  • Community means taking the hard and difficult step

  • when you blog it is a press release

  • references Ben and Jerry's PR tactics (I really am not that familiar, I should learn more)

  • John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods

  • "The Cult Of Objectivity"

Hello Podcamp Boston Bloggers

Topaz Partners

Podcast Asnwer Man

CC Chapman

John Wall

Online Video Watch

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