Digital Hollywood Day One

So here I am at Digital Hollywood. I flew in straight from Podcamp Boston 2 (which was a really great time). Part of me is cursing "conference season" and is already worn out, but a larger part is excited to learn and take party in the ever evolving digital space. I will be speaking on Wednesday with some really great people and cannot wait for that. If you are around, please come by and say hello. Half the value of these conferences are the people!


Deconstructing Advertising: Making Choices in a Universe of Limitless Choice: Broadband, Social Networks, Mobile, TV, Cable, Games, VOD & ITV
Tim Hanlon, Senior Vice President, Ventures, Denuo - A Publicis Groupe Company
Adam Stewart, Vertical Director, Media & Entertainment Group, Google
Dean Carignan, Director, Advertising Business Strategy, Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft Corporation
Tom Bosco, Head of Sales, MySpace TV
Joe Franzetta, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Broadband Television Business Unit, TANDBERG Television
Karen Bressner, Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales, Tivo
Feisal Nanji, Sector Resident, Global Media & Entertainment Sector, Ernst & Young, Moderator

  • Advertising markets in flux

  • Impact of the media value chain

  • Advertising in center of this perfect storm

    • The conundrum of hyperchoice

    • MySpace as social OS

    • Qualitative views more important and a major focus at Tivo

    • Emerging media as a catalyst for creativity, as there is less precedent

    • My Space TV to roll out more programming

    • Dialogue is the magic in a bottle

    • Multitaskers have better ad recall, as many times the tasks include disseminating messages

    • Brand and Direct fusion

    • The secret to targeting is transparency

    • References to Ballmer's Comment about 25% of MSFT's revenue will be from advertising

    • How else can we use video for advertising?

    • We need more flexibility from our creative agencies

      • Media agencies are starting to see it, but creatives seem to not be producing the assets needed

    • Media agency as distributor, Creative Agency as content creator, new paradigm?

    • Product placement does not all have to be clickable, it can simply be tracked and stored and have meta data so it can be found

      • Dispel the notion there is content, and then there is ads

    • What is going to happen to the family television set? (is there still one of those)

    • You need to be able to translate the technology into a workable business model

    • The connected home

    • Recommendation engines potentially more powerful than search engines in an age ruled by the paradox of choice?

    • Discovery versus search

    • the prognosis for locations based/mobile targeting

      • the way it is not is not how it will end up

      • will run the way it is for the foreseeable future

      • Mapping technologies the low hanging fruit

      • Mobile Couponing

      • Mobile part of the overall ecosystem, not a destination

      • Mobile device origination, not the destination

      • Mobile as a bookmarking device "dip in and out" of stuff

    • What emerging delivery mechanisms are best for transactional experiences?

    • Tivo as a transactional device

    • Will IPTV really merge with broadcast TV

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