Digital Hollywood: Contextual Media & Advertising: Transforming and Redefining the Relationship Between the Consumer, Advertising and Media Platforms

 Jeremy Lockhorn, Director, Emerging Media and Video Innovation, AvenueA - Razorfish
Walker Jacobs, Senior Vice president, Turner Entertainment New Media Ad Sales
Arnie Gullov-Singh, Vice President, Advertising Technology Group, Fox Interactive Media
Michael Pond, Media Analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings
Scott Schiller, Senior Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer, Glam Media, Inc.
Federico Grosso, Senior Vice President, Business Development, blinkx
Doug Scott, Senior Partner, Executive Director, Mather Productions Branded Content & Entertainment, Ogilvy & Mather, Moderator

  • Constant challenge for brands and content creators to reach consumers

  • Where is the user experience going?

    • Schiller-- "It is like groundhogs day all over again"

    • The deportalization of the web

    • You need to connect with consumers on their own terms

  • "how can we identify audiences and match them with advertiser" -- Gullov- Singh

    • that is the key to social media. That is where consumers are going en masse

    • "one of the problems with web 1.0 was the two ends of the spectrum" mass and niche. There was a great gap in the middle. Social media can help

  • The Funnel-- Marketing 1.0

  • How is video coming into a text based Internet world?

    • "We are looking at social media less and less as a channel, more as an OS"-- Lockhorn

      • Video is part of that

      • Community driven interfacing with content

  • Blinkx

    • "We are at the crossroad of the audience, content owners and advertisers"

    • "Search is still a crucial tool for the web"-- Grosso --

  • Search Versus Discovery

    • How much should search be an implicit process

  • "The problem with the digital business is many technologists who create the solutions believe they have the answer because they have a cool technology"--Schiller

  • Ripe TV

    • reaching consumers on their terms

  • "What is magical about our business is our ability to be dynamic" --Jacobs

  • The inherent lack of targeting on TV

  • "I am not sure that on the internet, the quality of content is the same as TV" -- Schiller

  • Will the Internet be free?

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