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Branded content; in a world where time and place shifting rules and content is king, branded content is god and to be honest, I am fine with that. Deliver me the goods and deliver them for free and I am a happy 18-34 year old man. Don’t make me wait (I wont do it anyway)! Don’t cut my experience in half and tell me you will be back after a word from our sponsors (I will hate you and tell all my friends to hate you too)! This is my world, you are just livin in it (…Eddie B. said that).

Why the rant you ask? Let’s flip our Internet channel to

  • Age Verification- well, you cannot exactly call it that as they do not really verify anything but, they are trying  :)

yes, for those of you looking at my browser bar I am on the south beach diet. Stop being such snoops.

  • A fully clothed, non Amazonian (notice the foreboding...yes, I am going to talk about attorney generals later in this post) woman takes the screen and tells me what this is all about. She even teases my tech savvy heart with some free downloadable HD content…cool!

  • Content

    • Trailer for new Vince Vaughn movie (eh, I can get that anywhere)

    • A short called Homeland Insecurity (how clever…)

    • (this video player, albeit small it is pretty good although it leaves me craving my Joost)

    • Bud Superbowl commercial on demand…snooze

    • Guest appearance by Kevin Spacey, yes!

      • He tells us about why he is excited about working on and about his (an amateur, aspiring professional film maker submission site). Ok ok, now we are talking turkey.

    • "Finish Our Movie"

    • Hardly News, “The irreverent interactive comedy game” I like the sound of that and the little clip they give is very “Daily Show” (well, kinda Daily Show. It did make me smile)

    • This Day in History- A clever satire about the Earl of Sandwich

    • ...and much, much more

So why are people getting all up in arms about

  • Media companies are afraid that brands may make compelling enough content that consumers can bypass their media?

    • My answer to those media companies, TOUGH, MAKE BETTER CONTENT AND SHUT UP!

  • Attorney Generals are afraid that this content is too accessible to minors

    • My answer to them; WHAT WORLD ARE YOU LIVING IN???

    • Why don't you ...

      • see what your kids are getting off of bit torrent and from their friends?

      • Better still, why don't you get some Internet security software and block this content.

      • Better Better still, why don't you sit down and talk to your kids about alcohol, what a concept!

The future of content is exciting, I am enjoying the ride. With all my talk about distribution I do realize that, as Sumner Redstone put it, we do not watch distribution. :)

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