A Metaverse Grows In Brooklyn

I just wanted to give a shout out to Jerry Paffendorf of The Electric Sheep Company and thank him for another great metaverse meetup. This was a star studded event that was not to be missed. It was also further evidence that Booklyn is indeed the metaverse capital of the world.

  1. I got to tell Johnny Ming how much I love SecondCast no less than 15 times (totally true though, it is in my top 3 favorite podcast’s)

  2. I got listen to Mark Wallace’s ever insightful thoughts on the metaverse (for those of you who do not read 3pointD and have any interest in the future of the internet, lets just say, you are missing the boat)

  3. I got to chill with Nexeus Fatale for about 2 minutes, he is too busy being a rockstar these days (just kidding Nex)

I had some really great conversation. Great food, great drinks. A successful night overall!

When Wallace takes the stairs the Metaverse listens!

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