Media Summit 2007 Advertising and Games: From In-Game Advertising to Cross Promotional & Custom Brand Extension

Julie Shumaker, VP of Worldwide Sales, Double Fusion
Ralph Rivera, VP & GM, AOL Games
Colleen Aylward, Category Development Officer, Entertainment, Yahoo!
Nique Fajors, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Atari
Brandon Berger, Senior Strategist, Digital Innovation OgilvyInteractive
Bryan Cashman, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Katherine Hays, Chief Operating Officer, Massive Incorporated
Andrew Frank, Media Research Director, Gartner Research, Moderator
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  • Males 25-34 as well as older females are very active in the gaming space however, women tend to play casual games

  • Different stories in gaming- there are no love stories in most games

  • The intensity of the experience is unmatched

  • Young professionals and teens- Action and Sci Fi film goers

  • Content attracts the different types of gamers, “Guitar Hero” attracts just as many women as men

  • Forget about the platform, talk about the content

  • Massive takes the network, aggregate and verticalize approach

  • Is the gaming industry stressed by reach and mass targeting

  • Industry is not standardized and simple to buy

  • The next level is 3d objects, animations, interactivity

  • We have not caught up with what it means to engage. We are still trying to measure by page views, impressions etc.

  • The gaming industry if forward looking

  • The video game in its traditional format may not be optimized and as effective as creative creation of advergames

  • Metrics beyond the game- sharing UGC, buzz etc.

  • Consumers Immersion

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