Media Summit 2007 Advertising Innovation! Broadband, OnDemand, In-Game, Social Networks, RSS, Blogs, PODs & Mobile

David Card, Vice President & Senior Analyst, JupiterResearch
Patrick Moorhead, Manager of Research and Development, Avenue A | Razorfish
Nancy Dunn, Vice President, Advertising Strategy, ClipSyndicate
Sam Parker, Senior Vice President, CNET Networks
Betsy Morgan, SVP for CBS Digital Media and General Manager,
Pam Horan, President. Online Publishers Association (OPA), Moderator
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So I had to miss Rupert this morning. Too much work :)

  • By 2010 90% broadband penetration (eMarketer)

  • 70% of people have seen a video ad (according to the OPA 2006)

  • 45% of those people took action (according to the OPA 2006)

  • Between 05 and 06 the DVR market grew over 100%

  • Moorhead

    • Video Platform Fragmented. Advertisers are asking for advice on buying and measurement.

    • So far the market is underwhelming

    • Pre roll as stop gap while we try to figure out what is a better way to be relevant

    • Adapting one  model and “jamming” into another a problem

    • Seeking better ways to deliver value

    • Levi’s Program- Shooting video for specific for internet. They were not used to the interactive agency requesting video content creation. Generally they just hand over the 30 second spot.

    • Finding ad models that are sensitive to users

    • Taking advantage of some of the unique characteristics- Video Tagging, Hotspotting etc.

    • Changing the ad medium to a pull style ad model like other interactive models

  • Morgan

    • Core of what CBS news does.

    • Conscious decision not to go with a paid model

      • That is what tv sellers did and what they were used to

    • Agrees that the pre-roll is not as effective as they want it to be

    • Go where the consumers are- syndication “take the content to where the consumers are”

    • Micro Syndication

    • CBS on upfront- It is still around and very powerful.

  • Parker

    • Video central to what CNET is doing

    • Nothing de mystifies tech like video

    • Pre roll is the easy go to component

    • Vendor Content a possible solution where users are willingly downloading submitted videos

    • Good creative can overcome users try to escape ads

    • Context can travel with video

    • CNET TV- Serialized programming

  • Card

    • The most exciting thing with online video is You Tube…

    • Primary way to find things is through recommendations

    • 2 of the 3 top videos on You Tube are ads

  • Dunn

    • Re aggregation of audience into verticals


  • Still pretty tiny in the US at this point

  • SMS is a larger part of mobile

  • It doesn’t have to be graphical or site based

  • “this year we will be lucky if it is the year of distribution” Moorhead referring to mobile

  • “it is good to set up the machinery in order to incorporate mobile” Moorheard

  • Where else can we ad value to a brand other than advertising

  • Mobile as a response channel

  • Using mobile as an accountability piece as part of a print, or outdoor ad

  • Mobile huge opportunity for UGC

  • Blogs as tools for listening – Moorhead

A great question from Jeff Jarvis as well, too bad I was so excited he was there that I did not even hear the question :)

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