Ads In A Quality Score World

More and more, ranking well in paid search listings is less about how much you pay and more about the "quality" of your ad campaign. But what goes into making up your quality score? In this panel, a closer look at quality factors and tips on increasing the perceived relevancy of your campaigns.



Q&A Speakers:

Gord Hotchkiss

  • Quality scoring is becoming more and more of a reality

  • Quality scoring is "Win, Win, Win

Joshua Stylman

  • Quality score is a way that search engines ranks search based on various relevancy ranking

  • A bit of history, "ebay for keywords" revolutionized search marketing

  • 2005- google began to take more into consideration, landing page etc.

  • Search represents a conversation between a marketer and a user

  • Quality Score, Better User experience

  • Engines define "quality" , is this a good thing?

  • Changes affect quality score- Testing is penalized

  • Impact of Panama on Branded Terms

    • Companies buying their own brands have seen a drop in CPC

    • Unonwed brands (macys etc.) are being penalized

Andrew Goodman

  • Quality elements in paid search bidding: a third-generation auction

  • Version 1, static, CPM

  • Adwords 2.0 Max bid X CTR

  • QS and Keyword Status, Predictive or Historical CTR

  • Other relevancy factors- keyword, ad, landing pages

  • Certain keywords potentially lend themselves to low quality scores

  • QS has helping in getting rid of Amazon and ebay bidding on everything

  • Garbitrage, nearbitrage

Jonathan Mendez

  • Improving the quality of the adds is making the engines more money

  • Ignore the score

  • Ads are the bridge of relevance

  • Multivariate test to find the best optimal ad

  • Posits the description in line one is more important that the title

  • Bridging the moment of recognition with reinforcement

  • Message to the needs of users, not yours

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