Video Search Optimization

Producing video content? There are video search engines that specialize in gathering up your video and making it available to searchers seeking such content. This session looks at how to make your video more visible in these specialized services.


  • Chris Sherman, Conference Programming Director, SES events series


  • More and more focus on video search this year, exponentially moreseo then years past

  • Video search is still really poor as it still relies largely on metadata

Sherwood Stranieri

  • Buzz and viral video are a large  part of the conversation today

  • Volume of audience well into "television territory"

  • How does this all translate to search?

  • Secondary conduits create a new life for video- people begin to write about the video

  • Post and links become an asset, residual value=traffic+ink reputation=search benefit

  • How do you drive lasting value?

  • Teaser Strategy driving to homebase

  • It is not enough to just be famous on You Tube

  • Make sure to consider the effects of building an all in one aggregate player

    • If it is flash, engines cannot get in and crawl all of the video

  • "Scarlett Johannson" on Google retrieves a a video on page one

Eric Papczun

  • 7 billion videos served a month

  • 72% watched news online

  • 76% help drive the viral chain

  • More and more people searching for video, beginning to rival audio

  • Lack of simple consistent taxonomy for producers

  • Search way to dependent on text around the video itself

  • Employ one video to url approach

  • Used "Kramer" debacle" as an example

  • Use plenty of HTML around video

  • Employ Video Site Maps

  • Use of the word video over and over again (within reason)

  • File tagging, scene tagging, comments on video are good new strategies

  • Scene tags on Click TV...tagging segments of the video

  • In format Metadata

  • Keep Video Files in one directory

  • MRSS Feed

  • Crosslink to Videos using Keywords in anchor text

Gregory Markel

  • Why is it so important? It's free

  • More guys search for video than females

  • more people search for video than news love and religion

  • viral social community addition to most video sites

  • 3 main submission types

    • metadata or crawled video data

    • Upload video search engines- Most important keywords at the front of sentences

    • RSS Based/Media RSS- Keyword infused keywords in titles and descriptions

  • Use a test based reinforcement on the first frame of the video

  • Use the last frame as a call to action

  • Check Out SEOWIKI

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