The Persistent Conversation

Lifelogging, digital identity, social media convergence and many other concepts have swept over me as of late like so many strands of soft straw pushing me towards new ways to communicate (talk about stupid metaphors, or should I say simile J ) and think about the role that everyone plays in the social media sphere, whether they like it or not.

With all the various social media outlets I feel that some of us are in a state of schizophrenia, struggling to meld our various “digital selves” into one overarching being that is ultimately a true representation of who we are. Others are paving the way the help solidify a common structure in which we create one digital persona and simply port it from technology to technology, conversation to conversation.

If we look at Second Life we find many who are trying to create an alternate digital identity. While I feel that there is a certain cathartic element to a creation of this sort, as Bob Marley once said:

“You’re running and you’re running away, but you can’t run away from yourself”

The conversation must go on!

Check out Joseph Jaffe’s ATS #74. It is a hyper mashup of conversation that leverages Twitter, Podcasting, Skype and lets us not forget the original social media, conversation. Jaffe is back on top (not that he ever went to the bottom, he has just been busy I suppose…great to have him back in full force though).

In this episode Jaffe shows us the power of cross media conversation. He (along with C.C Chapman, Christopher Penn and Jay Moonah) also gives a shout out to Podcamp NYC (which is totally cool).

I am very excited for Podcamp NYC this week. Not because I helped organize, not because I am speaking and not because it is around the corner from where I live (well, that is a plus). I am excited because I feel as though many social worlds are colliding. We have renowned Second Lifers like Frans Charming, Rhiannon Chatnoir, John Swords and Mark Wallace (who are all members of the Twitterati, two of whom are podcasters) as well as the podcasting rockstars mentioned above (who are also members of the Twitterati and are all podcasters).

The common thread is that all of us have something to say and are not afraid to say it. Maybe one day the revolution that is social media will make all of us feel empowered to put ourselves out there in the ether and speak our minds. Right now we are just at the beginning!

Sorry for the meandering in this post. I hope you enjoyed it though.

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