Calling All PodcampNYC Sponsors, Extend Your Experience

Are you Experienced?

Ok, that was lame but we all love Hendrix.

How far do you want to take your sponsorship of Podcampnyc? I know that our great sponsors are in it for the community and not simply as an act that will result in some type of ROI, but why not extend your brands conversation in world @ the PodcampNYC build in Second Life.

The build is now open for co-creation and we welcome all of you to come and take part. Provided our sim remains uncluttered (and ungriefed) we are more than happy to leave the build up for a few weeks and let you all create and converse at will. Those who are not sponsors and want to create, please talk to me first. I want this to be a community affair and I don't want to block any content however, I want to make sure those who contributed to the event get the spotlight. That being said, this is a community of passionate individuals and I love to see passion at work!

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