Useful Web 2.0 App Of The Week

How many more social bookmarking tools do we need anyhow?

It never ceases to amaze me how many start-ups there are that have very few points of differentiation. Over the last few months I almost feel as if innovation has slowed in the "web 2.0" space. I feel that innovation has shifted to virtual and geo-spatial technologies, hence my focus has moved there as well.

But wait, something useful came along

The idea is nothing brilliant on the surface but it applications could be tremendous.

If you have ever sat through a usability test you know how amazing it is to watch people interact with a site that seems easy to navigate. Still, e-commerce experts spend a great deal of energy optimizing sites to ensure that conversion rates are as high as possible.

What if you were just to tell users what to do? That is what Demofuse does and I think that they could be on to something. Go have a look.

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