The Worlds Largest Focus Group

In the past I have written about new ways to glean consumer insight such as the concept of the "Focus Experience". I suppose that is why this release caught my eye.

The World's Largest Focus Group

While I am not fully sold on the concept, I am certainly intrigued by Adoodle Inc.'s new platform Like many marketers currently do with YouTube, television spots are placed uploaded in order to gain insight and interest levels. The difference here is that users are incentivized to review  spots for "Adbucks".

Perhaps the wisdom of crowd will pay off.

Also On The Video Front...

Life explained on Film!

Over 15,000 professionally produced informational videos. I think the name of the game hear will be scale. In order to really make this work they will either need to position themselves as, "The Place To Go For Video Information" or do a hell of a job with SEO.

I guess we will see.

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