More Raw Notes From Widgetcon

Case Study Set 1

Ed Anuff, CEO, WidgetBox

3 distinct types of Advertising Widgets 

  • Branded Content

  • In Widget Advertising

  • Objective Editorial

  • Branded Content

  • Ad Supported

  • E-commerce

Widgets themselves need to need to be marketed

Eyal Gever, CEO/Co-Founder, Gizmoz

(the creator of the MTV Taco Bell campaign)

  • Personalized avatars based on a picture of yourself and enter it into a widget

  • Create an MTV audition for a Taco Bell commercial

  • Answering Machine widget

Hooman Radfar, Founder, Clearspring Technologies

  • Widgets are bringing the web directly to the consumer

  • Active versus passive approach

  • User initiates the relationship

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