Virtual Roundup For July 26

So You Think Virtual Worlds Are A Fad, Do Ya?

I am sick of hearing all this worthless, Second Life bashing. I was about to list all of the fair-weather journalists who were praising Second Life 8 months ago, and are now bashing Second Life. You know know what, those are the people that really need a life! Look at the bigger picture that is glaring at you from the gorgeous eyes of your children. (had to get that out of the way, now on to some news).

More Great Stuff  From MTV

MTV continues to prove their belief in the power of  virtual worlds and transmedia storytelling with a new initiative for their hit show, "The Hills". MTV once again proves they understand how to monetize a franchise. This new initiative is based on the release of the 2nd season of show:

By pre-ordering the DVD, you'll receive an invitation to enjoy an exclusive Virtual Hills viewing party on Friday, August 10 at 6 p.m. ET - with Lauren and Audrina - in which you get a VIP advanced screening of the third season premiere of "The Hills," three days before its television premiere on Monday, August 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Brilliant  entertainment, franchise marketing!

Wallace and Gromit 2.0

Ok, this has nothing to do with Wallace and Gromit (what a shame) but it is brought to you by the makers of the our favorite claymation characters, Aardman Animations. Have a look at their new virtual world called, WebbliWorld. Like many of the other virtual worlds aimed at children Webbliworld has its own currency, Webbles. If you are lucky you may even be the worlds first WebbliOnaire (ok guys,  c'mon :) ). I have not signed up for this one yet. Maybe later today.

Virtual Fashion

I am a little late with this one, but it is still cool. Have a look at what H&M is doing with the Sims. I thought it was pretty interesting they decided not to work with Second Life, and you know, it may have been a smart move.

Finally, head over to Virtual World News for an in depth discussion with There.come CEO, Michael Wilson

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