Facebook: Open To The Public

How can I not blog about this?

There is little that I am compelled to say that Danny Sullivan has not already said about this, but at the very least I wanted to throw up a post with a link to his post, as this is a really important move by Facebook.

Amidst, a see of people referring to Facebook as a walled Garden, or AOL 2.0, the move to open up public profiles seems to contest these accusations. 

But what does it all mean? To start, a lot of the new, people search engines, are going to be in trouble, but to be honest, that is of little interest to me. I am much more concerned with the implications this will have on SEO, as well as matters pertaining to digital identity and the move towards creating a single, public digital identity online; one which has the ability to aggregate information from all social networks (eliminating the need to recreate yourself and regain creditability across various engines).

That is all I have to say for now. I am going to keep digging through articles, formulate my thoughts and get back to you :)

...at least they give you the choice and make it easy to find how to opt out of being public.

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