Trends And Truisms Day Two: The Importance Of Being Universal

No self respecting search marketer could escape endless conversations about universal search in 2007.

While the topline definition of universal search involves the combination of all aspects of search engines (video, images, shopping etc.) in one index, the implications of universal search move way beyond the search results page.

With broadband adoption at an all time high, and the ability to produce content becoming as simple as it is to consume it, the world of media is growing at an exponential rate.

While this is not based on actual statistics, I would venture to guess that there will be more universally accessible content produced in a single day in 2008 than there was produced between the years of 1950 and 1970.

What does this mean for the marketer?

  • Consider content production in your media plans. No, really!

  • Hire an SEO practitioner to work with every piece of content

    • If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, did it really fall? If content is uploaded and the proper meta data is not applied to it...(you get the idea)

  • Think of RSS as Really Serious Stuff

    • We have all been hearing about the importance of RSS from a consumer standpoint, and many people have noticed the lack of adoption by the masses. Don’t let that fool. If your team does not have working knowledge of RSS, and is not familiar with its powers, you are in a lot of trouble (and your clients will be calling me soon enough :) )

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