Trends and Truisms Day Three: The Delivery Technology Is the Message/The Power Of Cross Media Story Telling

So here we are at day three of this experiment.

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...and now for DAY THREE

It comes as no surprise to many that various types of media are continuing to converge.  What some seem to forget is the fact we must  change the way we plan media and market products across these various morphing channels.

The importance of telling an effective story across various media outlets has never been more crucial; it has also never been more difficult.

Fans of Henry Jenkins are probably familiar with the notion of Hardware Divergence. While this concept is nothing new (well, it was new with Jenkins, but the book Convergence Culture is already a few years old), it is just beginning to become a reality for media/marketing practitioners.

No longer is one piece of video content appropriate for all devices capable of delivering video. Now more than ever, we must now consider the difference between video purposed for consumption via the PC versus video for mobile devices versus video for TV/DVD etc. and what the correct format is for each.

This type of fragmentation begs the questions, do we need people dedicated to video planning (see my post Audio Killed The Radio Planner) to ensure the content is appropriate for the delivery technology.

Marshall Mcluhan said, “the medium is the message” and while this was a revolutionary statement for the time, we are now in an era where, the delivery technology is the message.

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