The Advertising World Is Flatter than Ever

In a roundabout series of events I wound up on a call with the CEO of Ad ECN, Bill Urschel. Although the series of event that led to this informative call were not necessarily common, this set up was not accident.

Allow me to share the events with you:

  1. I posted on a panel that took place at Ad:Tech back in November (

  2. I was contacted by an account manager from the PR firm, the Antenna Group

  3. After multiple attempts a call was arranged and I got the lowdown on Ad ECN, from the CEO (which is a great strategy. What better way to make someone feel like they are hearing things from the horses mouth and make the feel special than to put them on the phone with the Chef himself)

First of all, what a great way to market! It was not an invasive attempt on the part the Antenna group and overall, it really got me thinking about the product.

Here are a couple of notes that I took. To all media buyers out there, I recommend you give the folks over at Ad ECN a call.

  • Neutral Stock Exchange

  • Rooted on the idea Stock ECN Electronic Communication Network

    • Island and Archipelago

  • Addressing problem of liquidity

  • Only work with Ad Networks

  • Clearinghouse, single point of contact for all ad networks

  • Real time auction

  • All ad buys are done through UI

  • System as series of “Asks” and “Answers”

    • Ask- Here is what I am looking for and what I am willing to pay

    • Answer- Here is what we have that matches your query

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